Flying Solo? Perth Is Your Perfect Haven! Here’s Why

To satisfy my craving for beautiful beaches, I went to Cottesloe Beach, which is located about 20 minutes west of Perth, Australia. This beautiful beach is known for its crystal clear waters and white sandy shores. The long coastline and pier offer stunning views and a relaxing atmosphere. I spent an entire afternoon soaking up the sun and enjoying the ocean breeze.

Best Cider in Fremantle

After the beach, I took a day trip to the historic town of Fremantle, located about 30 minutes south of Perth. This charming port town is home to several attractions, including the Fremantle Markets, the Fremantle Prison, and the Fishing Boat Harbour. You can also visit the Western Australian Maritime Museum and the Round House, which is the oldest public building in Western Australia. 

The E-shed markets were a bit disappointing, but the Fremantle Markets were a real treat. I enjoyed sampling the local fruits and vegetables, meat products, cheese, and other market goodies. I also stopped by the Monk award-winning brewery and had the best cider I’ve ever tasted – apple with a hint of kiwi and pomegranate.

King’s Park and Botanic Gardens

Taking an evening stroll in Perth is very pleasant, especially in King’s Park and Botanic Gardens,  one of the largest inner-city parks in the world. The park offers stunning views of the city skyline and is home to over 3,000 species of plants and flowers. You can take a guided tour or explore the park on your own. 

Insider tip: If you appear to be under 25 years old in Western Australia, you will need to show your ID to purchase alcohol. Additionally, if you’re not an Australian citizen, you must present either your passport or a special ID card that is based on your passport. Unfortunately, I only had my driver’s license with me, which is usually sufficient in Sydney but not in Perth. 

Sunset Dinner Cruise

You can enjoy a sunset dinner cruise along the Swan River, where you can enjoy stunning views of the city skyline while savoring a delicious meal. If you have some extra time, visit the charming town of Guildford, located about 25 minutes east of Perth. This historic town is known for its well-preserved colonial architecture and local boutiques and cafes. 

Overall, Perth is a fantastic destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, adventure, or culture, Perth has it all. I highly recommend visiting this beautiful city and experiencing all that it has to offer.

Location of Perth

Perth is located on the west coast of Australia, in the state of Western Australia. It is situated on the banks of the Swan River, which flows into the Indian Ocean. Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. Perth is also well-connected to other major cities in Australia and around the world, with a modern international airport and a comprehensive public transport system.

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