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In the world of jet-set destinations, Saint-Tropez reigns supreme. It’s the place where the rich and famous mingle. Saint-Tropez is definitely worth visiting, because the reality is even more dazzling than the rumors. How long do you need in Saint-Tropez? I stayed for a week, and there is always something happening here. However, if you want to, even one day is enough to visit the most famous spots.

Birth of a Jet-Set Paradise: Bridgette Bardot

Brigitte Bardot in And God Created Woman. Photo: Author: @JEAN-PIERRE BONNOTTE/GAMMA RAPHO

Have you ever wondered how a charming French fishing village became a haven for celebrities and the international elite? Well, it all started in 1956, when the iconic movie “And God Created Woman” was released, starring none other than Brigitte Bardot. She fell in love with Saint-Tropez, and in no time, this coastal gem became her summer home, attracting an influx of wealth and fame that transformed it into a jet-set paradise.

Me in Saint-Tropez. Hard to beat Brigitte above. Wink wink.

I visited in May, and in Saint-Tropez, it’s like a secret only whispered among those in the know. Prices are still relatively reasonable, and the weather, while cooler than the summer months, is perfect for exploring. Plus, the streets and beaches are less crowded, providing a more intimate experience.

Pampelonne Beach: Where the Fun Begins

During my stay in Saint-Tropez, I stayed at La Ferme d’Augustin Hotel. The hotel offers a fantastic experience with a driver available on call to take you to and from the city center, making it incredibly convenient to explore the town and its surrounding attractions.

Saint-Tropez is best known for its glamorous atmosphere, beautiful beaches, luxury lifestyle, and its status as a preferred destination for the international elite. I will highlight some of the top beach clubs situated along Pamplone Beach:

Tahiti Beach

Tahiti Beach. Photo:

Just a stone’s throw from my location lies Tahiti Beach, the foremost among the renowned beach clubs that grace Pampelonne Beach, a pristine stretch of sandy paradise adorned with fabulous beach clubs. At Tahiti Beach, you can relish delectable cuisine and savor cocktails while lounging on comfortable beach beds. It’s perfect for a leisurely day in the sun.

Loulou Ramatuelle

Loulou Ramatuelle. Photo:

During the summer months in Saint Tropez, Loulou Ramatuelle is the ‘IT’ spot on everyone’s list. This iconic beach club captivates guests with its charming design, a unique homage to the French Riviera of the 1950s, and invites all visitors to experience the ‘art of living.’

Moorea Beach

Moorea Beach Club. Photo:

As you continue your stroll along Pampelonne Beach, the next stop is Moorea Beach. It offers a more exclusive atmosphere with its pristine setting and world-class service, making it the ideal place to relax and embrace the spirit of Saint-Tropez.

Club 55

Le club 55. Photo:

For those seeking a truly high-end experience, Club 55 is the place to be. This legendary establishment has been graced by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell. You might even spot other celebrities enjoying the sun, sea, and fine dining here. It’s discreet to provide privacy to the stars, so be sure to bring a substantial amount of cash and be ready to indulge.

Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach. Photo:

An international brand known for creating an absolutely fabulous beach ambiance wherever it goes. Don’t miss Nikki Beach, which frequently hosts lively parties. With its vibrant atmosphere, you’re guaranteed to have an extraordinary time.

Beyond the Beaches: Sightseeing and Shopping in the City Center

There is much to do in Saint-Tropez. Saint-Tropez is very walkable. It is the perfect place to explore on foot. The heart of Saint-Tropez is a treasure trove of small shops, stylish boutiques, and impeccably dressed high-end fashionistas. While you might not make a purchase at the local market at first glance, you might just stumble upon that hidden gem – a linen shirt perfect for the beach or a unique souvenir to remember your trip.

Citadelle de Saint-Tropez – Musée d’Histoire Maritime: Where History Comes Alive

In the heart of the town, you’ll stumble upon the La Citadelle de Saint-Tropez, a formidable fortress that once stood strong against pirates and enemy invasions. Today, this citadel stands as a historic monument, offering awe-inspiring panoramic views of the town and the sea. Be sure to explore the maritime museum, which provides a fascinating glimpse into the town’s seafaring history.

Sénéquier Saint-Tropez: A Culinary Icon in Red

Sénéquier Saint-Tropez. Photo:

Since 1930, the Sénéquier Saint-Tropez restaurant has been an institution transcending the boundaries of the Côte d’Azur. Nestled on the port of Saint-Tropez, its iconic red facade is easily recognizable. Historically renowned for its traditional Tropezian tart, white nougat, and candied fruits, Sénéquier now serves a delightful array of French and international dishes, making it a must-visit icon in the city center.

Café Culture at Place des Lices: A Taste of Dior’s Refinement

A leisurely stroll through Saint-Tropez reveals the magnificent yachts of the town’s elite, showcasing the enduring allure of this coastal paradise. Don’t miss the chance to experience refinement at its best by savoring a coffee at the DIOR Café des Lices, situated just 200 meters from the legendary Place des Lices. Housed in a sumptuous Provencal building, this café-restaurant is a tribute to the sun and sophistication that defines St. Tropez.

Partying in Saint-Tropez: Where the Night Comes to Life

Statue of Brigitte Bardot at Place Blanqui

The nightlife in Saint Tropez is nothing short of legendary, firmly establishing it as one of the most sizzling party destinations in Europe. Partying here is an absolute blast! Here are my top 4 picks for the best clubs:

L’Opéra Saint-Tropez: Where Glamour and Gastronomy Converge

L’Opéra Saint-Tropez. Photo:

L’Opéra is one of the most festive establishments in the Bay of Saint-Tropez. With its location offering a view of the most prestigious yachts in the port, magical shows, and a menu spanning Provencal and global cuisine, it’s a top choice for your summer break in Saint-Tropez. The glamorous décor, complete with mirrors and chandeliers, adds to the charm of this place. Here, dance shows grace the tables, and the DJ’s set begins as midnight strikes. Champagne flows, and the celebration continues until the early hours.

Les Caves du Roy: An Unforgettable Night

Les Caves du Roy. Photo:

A legendary club with an international reputation, Les Caves du Roy is located within the Byblos hotel. Here, the international jet set and elite meet to have fun. I had an unforgettable night at Les Caves du Roy, even though it was packed to the brim with revelers, all thanks to the famous DJ Afrojack spinning tracks. At the Caves, conviviality and sharing are king, and the hundreds of bottles of Champagne consumed during the season pass from table to table, from VIP room to VIP room.

Gaïo Saint-Tropez: A Nightclub and Restaurant Extravaganza

Gaïo Saint-Tropez. Photo:

Gaïo is the first restaurant-club in Saint-Tropez, located in the town’s oldest venue. The legendary Papgayo has been reborn as Gaïo, a high-end nightclub that offers exquisite cuisine before transforming into a vibrant party destination at night. Known for its exclusive hybrid clubbing concept, Gaïo delivers unforgettable moments. This hotspot hosts top-notch parties, DJ nights, dance events, and attracts celebrities, actors, singers, and VIPs from around the world. It’s the place to be for an unforgettable night in Saint-Tropez.

Le Café Saint-Tropez: The Heart of Authenticity

Le Café Saint-Tropez. Photo:

For an authentic Saint-Tropez experience, look no further than Le Café Saint-Tropez. Located on the legendary Place des Lices in the heart of the village, this café welcomes you for lunch or dinner, transforming into a festive piano-bar atmosphere at night. Delight in the great standards of French song as fellow guests lend their voices to create a truly memorable evening.

History of Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez is nestled within the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur in the southern part of France. This picturesque town is conveniently situated, with Nice lying just 68 kilometers to the east, and Marseille 100 kilometers to the west, all along the stunning French Riviera.

Historically, Saint-Tropez served as both a military stronghold and a humble fishing village until the early 20th century. It was a quiet, unassuming coastal community with a rich maritime heritage. But its transformation into a globally recognized destination began to take shape long before the jet-set era.

Saint-Tropez has always attracted creative minds, drawing writers and artists such as Colette and Picasso. Its quaint charm and scenic beauty made it an inspiring locale for artistic expression.

You can find additional articles about the South of France region, covering destinations such as Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Luberon, Cassis, and the Calanques and Nice.

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